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Pigsamurai's Commissions! OPEN


by Pigsamurai

edited 06/18/2014

Please read!
—I am only doing digital commissions at this time. (SAI or Manga Studio EX4)
—One slot per person. However, you can ask for more than one commission at a time.
—Please pay with paypal. I may open up points at another time. (comment if you’re interested)
—These commissions are for personal use only. You may not sell them to others.
—If you do want to buy something for commercial use, note me. I will give you a quote.
—I will not sell your commission to others. I will only use them in my gallery/portfolio/commission examples of the work I do
—I try not to spend more than a week or two on a single commi

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Himi of Oraclemanga Commissions Information! (*´∀`*)

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