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Editing + Continuing Content

Last month we hit our goal for NaNoWriMo with over 50,000 words each for our light novels! We are working out the kinks and fixing it up for a professional review at the end of the month that we each won for reaching the 50k goal. With this review we will fix, edit, draw, and start on our way to marketing our novels appropriately in 2014! 

Holidays are a busy time, but we’re working away! Happy Holidays!

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NaNoWriMo 2013 - Let’s Do this!

Oraclemanga is participating this year and using it as a means to make our light novel series the “Masterpiece” a reality! The series is written by both Himi and Tsuzuki and contains two [possibly more] separate stories that run concurrently! Think of Tsubasa Chronicles and xxxHolic by CLAMP to give you an idea for this written series. We’re working on writing the first few books for the “Masterpiece” and hope to be editing come next year! 

Write, write, write! We’ve got this! 

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Oraclemanga - Revised 10/16/2013

As of October 16, 2013, Oraclemanga has returned to its original state with Himi and Tsuzuki as their members. They may enter other groups as well to have some more fun, but Oraclemanga is as it was in 2009. Oraclemanga is moving forward with its plans and the website has been revamped to show this. 

Current works include up and coming pokemon doujinshi from Himi and Tsuzuki! Nothing like paying a little tribute to a series so deeply loved by us and commemorating our growing love of the newest games X and Y!

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